The Lion City, Singa Pura



Having the best airport in the world and as an open country where different nationals enter freely without a visa needed, who wouldn’t want to travel here. I was one of many people who entered this country as tourist but not on the sole purpose of traveling but to find a job. But this blog is about travel and I only got a thousand words so that’s another story so first things first…

Documents! Even though this country is open it doesn’t mean you can go directly without proper documents. This country is full of job seekers also so you shouldn’t take their immigration very lightly. They really can turn your excitement into your worst nightmare. So make sure all the spelling are correct. Always prepare along with your passport your itinerary which is a two way ticket and a print out of your hotel booking. By the way , it’s a basic knowledge that flights and hotel bookings are cheaper when book earlier so its always best to plan early.

If your from the Philippines you should also prepare a vacation leave form from your work and work Id. Based on experienced, the immigration in the Philippines is very strict regarding this documents.Sometimes they will ask a statement of account to prove you have enough money to finance your vacation.They don’t care if your plane is leaving already and believe me I’ve seen many individuals crying outside the airport.To make things worst their baggage is already in Singapore. So always double check..

  • Two way Tickets
  • Valid ID’s
  • Hotel Bookings
  • Vacation leave form and Work ID
  • Statement of Account from your Bank

When your done with the immigration then your good to go. I highly recommend you on getting an EZ-link card because you’ll be needing it when riding a bus or a MRT and a Singapore local sim for your mobile internet, google maps, social media apps and etc. This two can be purchase in the airport.

A Fine City

Safety!Singapore is a safe country you could go anywhere without the fear of robbery. The streets are full of cameras and although the country is safe, you should be carefull because this country is also known as the “City of Fines” . You could be charge for just spitting or just picking up some flowers. They are so strict when it comes to cleanliness and you can really see how clean the country is.

Lodging! When it comes to hotel or lodging if you have the money then in Singapore the Marina Bay Sands is the most luxurious place to stay. FullSizeRenderBut since my blog is about helping other travelers and sharing our personal experiences also we will recommend some ways to save or travel on a budget. So for lodging I highly recommend the Mercury Backpackers Hostel

This place may not be as luxurious compared to other hotels but for travelers on a budget or for a group of friends this place is great.This place is very near the MRT station also which good for travelers. The only downside on a backpackers hostel is that you get to share the room with other people with other nationalities since the room is good for four.

Like other hotels this Hostel is offering free wifi, breakfast and other amenities. When traveling, a Hotel is just a place where you keep your baggage safe, a place to sleep or rest, charge your gadgets, edit your pictures and videos before posting them. When your in another country the last thing you’ll ever think about is staying inside a room. From the break of dawn till late at night you’ll be outside exploring and definitely enjoying the different places the country has to offer.

FOOD! Tasting another countries delicacies is one of the most exciting things to do. You’ll never fully experience a country’s culture and learn about them just by seeing their famous places. Based on my experience Singapore is a multiracial and multicultural country with ethnic of Chinese, Malays, Indians and Filipino making up the majority of the population. I did not include Filipino just because I’m one but if you don’t believe me then try seeing for yourself in Lucky Plaza every weekends. Since your in Singapore I highly recommend their Chicken Rice , Peking Duck, Shabu-Shabu,fresh Sugar Cane Juice and some of their street foods. It’s not really hard finding this in the country but I recommend going to Bugis or Yuhua Village Market.

You could also try McDonalds and KFC, I know some of you will be wondering why I would even list these two on my blog, these companies are not paying me to promote them but based on my experience and research these Fast food restaurants change their MENU depending on the countries palate or taste. The only thing that always remain in their Menu is the fried chicken but the gravy are not available in other countries for example here in the middle east they’ve change it to a garlic sauce which is also very good.

For us Filipinos we are proud to have a Jollibee in this country and happy to see other nationals eating what we love.

Last but definitely not the least, if your daring enough then you could try eating some frogs which you yourself can choose in a aquarium in one of the restaurants at Geylang lor 9.

00_System Map  with NELe.cdr

PLACES TO GO!! With your EZ-link card and a little help of your Google Map application finding these places is easy. With Singapore’s train system, traveling this country and completing the list will take you at least a few days only. So here is my list of a must go places in Singapore.


There are a lot of places that I didn’t mention on this blog which are worth going also but these are for me my top places to visit in Singapore. As much as we enjoyed there we hope that you too will enjoy and capture more memories in this place.


Here’s a  Youtube link of our Memories Captured in Singapore.

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As the saying goes….


To travel is a luxury but a luxury that doesn’t require us to be rich. Some would often do it every end of contract with their jobs like me and my wife do. Others every year while some are fortunate enough or daring enough to do it always. We built this blog to share our memories with you and hope it can help you build memories on your own as well.So feel free to browse each pages and if you have questions feel free to contact us.


Gazing at the Fragrant Harbor, Hong Kong

As I was gazing at the sky, waiting for the symphony of lights to start at the famous fragrant harbor of Asia, you really can’t help and say “Hong Kong is truly a fascinating country.”

A place where the legendary Bruce Lee was born, where every park has the spirit of kung fu being practiced, where fairy tales comes to life and a place pack with sacred temples.

Documentation: Lucky for us this country is open to all travelers willing to explore it’s beauty and culture. I was even surprised with there immigration, it was such a breeze that they don’t even have to stamp our passports ,they just place a piece of paper which you will have to show again upon exiting. But for safety reasons it is still best to play it safe and prepare all your documents. So prepare the following:

  • Two way tickets
  • Hotel bookings

Safety: For travelers be aware of swindlers offering you cheaper tickets or rooms. It’s always cheaper to book online and for famous attraction places, tickets are also available online. (Hong Kong Disney land Link ) (Madame Tussauds Link) (Ocean Park Link) (Ngong Ping 360 link) (Victoria Peak Link)

Lodging: Disney land Hotel would be the most ideal place to stay in hong kong but if your traveling on a budget there are a lot of hotel and hostel in kowloon area which is very near the famous harbor, Garden of stars, clock tower, kowloon park and a 15 minute walk to the ladies market.


Food: When it comes to food the Roasted goose, Steamed chicken, Milk tea and other street food is a must try. Egg tarts are also very famous in this place which are to die for. I would like also to suggest on bringing water and food before going to the Tian Buddha or Ten thousand Buddha cause prices there will be doubled.

Just like in my other blogs, for those who are on a tight budget you can always go to Mc Donalds and KFC. They are budget friendly and yet exciting also because of the fact that they always change their menu depending on the taste and palate of the country. The only thing remains is their famous fried chicken.


For us Filipinos we are proud to have a Jollibee in this country and happy to see other nationals eating what we love.

Places to go: Hong Kong’s MTR is so traveler friendly, very easy to follow and lets you access mostly all the famous attraction for just a few minutes from anywhere. I highly suggest on getting an Octopus card which is really handy for MRT ,Buses and other shops like Mcdonalds etc.

The cable cars are the fastest way to the Big Buddha but buses are also available specially for those who are afraid of heights or for rainy seasons.

The best thing to do if your time is limited is to go to the farthest first and then to the nearest . So plan ahead this is only applicable to travelers that are not under a tour package.

One good example is going to the temples in the morning and then kowloon  park during the afternoon which by the way has a kung fu show every Sunday 1pm, an aviary park, and comic character park.

Then during the evening Symphony of lights, the clock tower, the Garden of stars and ladies market are very near to each other so you can put this places together in your itinerary.

The Disney land would really cost you one day from 8am to closing time which is the fireworks display.

These are my top places to go in Hong Kong:

  • Disney Land
  • Tian Tan Buddha
  • Ocean Park
  • Ngong Ping 360
  • Victoria Peak
  • Madame Tussauds
  • Clock tower
  • Garden Of Stars
  • Fragrant Harbor
  • Ten thousand Buddha
  • Ladies Market

There are more places to go if you’ll be staying longer but these are my top list for those who will be staying for 3-4 days only.

For more info you can check my Facebook page (eleostravels) or our Youtube channel(Youtube link) and I really appreciate if you hit that like button or leave your comments below. Hope you’ll capture memories in Hong Kong as much as we did.


Challenge to the World, Philippines


7,107 islands, that’s how vast and rich the Philippines is and as a Filipino even I myself has not yet completed all the tourist spots in the Phil.

Year after year another spot has been developed or has been discovered and the list will just continue to go further from lakes, falls, rivers, mountains, volcanoes , oceans, wild life and ofcourse food. 

I can assure you here you will have moments that will take your breath away and moments that will last forever.

So here I am Inviting and challenging you to take part in this adventure of a lifetime.

img_8125.jpgDocumentation:  Fortunately for travellers, Philippines has 11 international airports and a few more will soon to rise. Making it easier for you guys to visit your desired location faster. 

Be prepared to show the following:


2. Valid ID’s


4.Return Tickets

5.Hotel Bookings

Once you are done with the immigration, going to any local city or province would be a breeze.

All International Airport Offers free wi-fi and free charging areas but I highly suggest buying a sim card and get connected right away at cheaper rates and longer expiry.


Safety:  Even though Philippines is rich and full of natural resources, poverty is still at large here due to over population and government corruption. But all thanks to our current president Rodrigo Duterte crime rates now are lesser because of his Drug free campaigns and very strick governance. 

In relation to this I highly recommend not to wear jewellery when travelling here in PH. Be on you adventure get up and be cautious.

It’s always best to use über but if on a taxi or any public vehicle then use your google map for road maps. Some drivers tend to circle around first before going to your destination.

When it comes to tourist attractions, expect double rates for foreigners at entrance fees and other services.


Lodging: Hotels, Hostels, Rooms for rent and Motels are everywhere in the Philippines but for your information only, motels in PH are not similar to other countries. Motels are usually used for short time purposes mostly for sexual reasons.


So unlike other countries which will take a few days or weeks to cover all tourist spots, In this country, a month would be impossible.

So in relation to this compared to my previous blogs, I will be writing a blog for each city or province that I have visited and hope I can forever imprint in your hearts our countries slogan which quotes  “ It’s more fun in the Philippines“.






Peeking at the two Sides of Macau

A country famous for having five times the Gambling revenue compared to Vegas, Macau is a small haven where the rich can spend their money and where different hotel and food industry opportunities can be sought.

Divided into two islands, one is more contemporary which is full of Hotels and Casino while the other is more traditional which if full of museums and ruins making Macau an interesting country to visit.


Documentation: Similar to Hong Kong, the immigration here is fast without even stamping the passport, they will just insert a piece of paper which you have to show upon exiting also.

But for safety reasons it’s always best to be prepared with your hotel bookings and flight tickets.

  • Two way tickets
  • Hotel Bookings

I would also like to suggest that if you plan on traveling to Macau or Hong Kong then trying visiting both at once because this two countries are very close to each other.

Safety: The people here are used to travelers and based on my experience here it is really quiet safe strolling from one place to another.

Everyone is free to roam around the different hotels but be sure to have maps on hand because believe me, the hotels are big enough to be lost in.

For security reasons Casinos are very strict with hand held cameras, tripods and people taking picture or videos, so documentation in this area is strictly prohibited. So I guess the saying “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas ” is also applied in this areas.

Lastly, please be a responsible gambler. I’ve seen tourist or travelers begging for cash to finance their trip.


Lodging: Macau is packed with a lot of hotels and mostly 4-5 stared hotel. So whichever hotel you will choose will surely have a satisfaction guaranteed rating.

In the end everything will always be up to your budget and again it is always wise to book early online.

Food: On the road going to St.Paul’s ruins are shops full of Samples or free tasting of their different delicacies. From the famous Egg tart , different varieties of Jerky, Cookies, pork chop in a bun and Durian ice cream.

The most unusual food ever was the bowl of noodles with Portuguese sardines, egg and pork chop all together but it was very delicious.


Places to go: Macau is a small country which can be roam around within two to three maximum days but it has so much to offer specially for us travelers.


The mode of transportation here are buses ,taxi and pedicabs. But from the port and in the airport different buses from different hotels are available for free so its best to catch one of this buses to save you some time.

It’s always best to plan your trip ahead to save time and make the most of everything. I would like to suggest going to the traditional places in the morning first until afternoon and then enjoy the different hotels and shows in the evening.

Every hotel has something to offer like a mini Italy gondola ride,a fountain show , a complementary cable car lift , a very large aquarium, forever locks for couples in the Eiffel tower and other interesting shows so its better to check all of them.

The Macau park also has a very short and cheap cable car lift for those who haven’t experience riding one.

This is my top places to go in Macau:

  • Ruins of St.Paul
  • Senado Square
  • Fortaleza Do Monte
  • Museum of Macau
  • Grand Prix Museum
  • A Ma Temple
  • Macau Tower
  • The Venetian Hotel
  • Parisian Hotel
  • Kun Iam Statue

There are still more places in Macau that are not listed and we didn’t get any chance to visit so it’s always best to plan ahead and we hope you’ll enjoy this country as much as we did.

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A glimpse of Emerati land, Dubai



Luxurious Police cars, exotic pets , a ski slope inside the mall, gold cars, the worlds tallest building and a seven star hotel are just a few of the fascinating things you will only see in Dubai.

An Arab country that is more contemporary compared to other Arabic countries that are more conservative and traditional.

Dubai is also blessed with oil and fossil fuels like other countries in the middle east but it’s their tourism that makes Dubai what it is right now.

Documentation: Entering Dubai will depend on how powerful your passport is, other countries are lucky to be able to have a “visa on arrival” while others will have to apply a visa first before flying to the country. ( Pls refer to this link)

For a hassle-free visa application, you could always ask assistance from a travel agency or you can apply online (Apply or Inquire here) . Don’t forget to prepare the following when reaching their immigration office.

  • Visa
  • Two Way tickets
  • Hotel bookings
  • Valid Id’s

Safety:  When it comes to Public safety Dubai is completely safe from thieves or robbers and leaving your personal belongings unattended or walking alone at night is not a problem here.

Pork and liquor is banned in Muslim countries but if you really want to drink there are hotels which serve a moderate amount of alcoholic drinks but for your safety always drink moderately and be sure to be on your toes when you leave the hotel.

Travelers visiting during Ramadan should not eat, drink or smoke during daylight hours. When it comes to clothing Dubai is more open and less conservative and people are allowed to wear trunks and swimwear in the local beaches but always wear a decent attire in other public areas.

Lodging: The top three hotels in Dubai is the Atlantis hotel,  Armani hotel which is located in the Burj khalifa and the Burj Al Arab which is the only seven star hotel in the world.

If your in a tight budget, there are a lot of cheaper places to stay in Dubai with prices ranging from 50 usd and above. As we all know the earlier you book the cheaper it gets so it is always wise to plan ahead.

Food:  The Stuff Camel is something i have heard of and wish i have eaten but this menu is only offered during a wedding and according to the Guinness Books of Records, the stuffed whole camel is listed as the largest single food item on any menu.

Like other Gulf countries it is a must also to try their shawarma , machboos, hummus and other Arabic dishes.

If you’re in a budget then the KFC and McDonalds is available also and as what I always mention there menus varies according to a countries tradition and palate. The only thing remains is their fried chicken but their sauce varies from a gravy to a garlic sauce.

For us Filipinos we are proud to have a Jollibee in this country and happy to see other nationals eating what we love.


Places to go: Two MRT lines, that’s how fast and easy it is to go to each destination. Busses and Taxis are all over the country also.

Visitor Sim cards are also available in the airport for your international call  and internet needs such as google maps , social media sites etc which is very convenient for us travelers.

Just like any other GCC countries Dubai has only two climate which is Summer which can get extremely hot and humid 41 °C (106 °F) to 30 °C (86 °F) and Winter which can be very cold even though you can’t see any snow   22 °C (72 °F)  to  28 °C (82 °F).

I suggest you visit the sites from the farthest to the nearest especially if you’re in a tight budget and for several days only. So here’s the top places you can visit in Dubai:

  1. Desert Safari Dubai (Desert Safari link)
  2. Miracle Garden Dubai
  3. The Creek
  4. Dubai Gold Souk
  5. Dubai Zoo
  6. Jumeirah Mosque
  7. Jumeirah Beach
  8. The Grand Mosque
  9. Burj Al Arab
  10. Mall Of Emirates
  11. Burj Khalifa
  12. Mall of Dubai
  13. The Dubai Fountain
  14. Dubai Aquarium and underwater adventure
  15. Ski Dubai
  16. Lego Land Dubai

The list can still go on if i wanted to but the others are mostly themed parks.

Here’s a Youtube link to our memories captured in Dubai(Memories of Dubai ).

I guess that’s it and I hope I was able to attract more people to travel more here in the middle east despite all the terrorism, racism and other political conflicts that is happening now. It is completely safe in Dubai.

Thanks for reading and if you like it then feel free to hit that button.

Sojourn at the Richest Country in the world


Terrorism, wars, bombings,kidnappings and suicide bombers. Sadly, these are the things that usually pop up in everyone’s mind every time they hear the words middle east.  As an expatriate in this country for more than four years now, I honestly feel a lot safer here than in my own country and it would be such a waste not to give this country a chance in your bucket list.

A land blessed with so much Oil and Natural Gas, Qatar is the richest country in the world today. It is also famous for its airlines the Qatar Airways which is currently the number one airline today giving all passengers a five star quality experience. This country in my opinion is still a baby full of great potential. The country’s population is mostly composed of foreign workers and that Qatar right now is really busy preparing for the World Cup which is coming this 2022.

Even though Qatar is located in the middle east, Qatar is not just all desert, this country has a lot of beaches also.  And by the way for those who are not familiar with the temperature in the middle east, Gulf countries have only two seasons, Summer which is sometime in April to September and Winter which is sometime in October to March. So if you want to travel here I suggest that you come here during winter.

Documentation!!!  Unfortunately, Qatar is not an open country so they will require you a visa but don’t let it discourage you because it’s not that difficult to get one also. In fact Qatar right now is waving Entry visa for 80 countries (check this link ) and if you happen to belong in one of the countries listed then a visa wouldn’t be a problem for you. For countries that were not included in the list, don’t worry (Check this link). You can also apply online for a visa (Qatar visa online ) or to make things easier go to a travel agency and let them do all your documentation for you. So always prepare the following:

  • Visa
  • Two way tickets
  • Hotel bookings
  • Valid ID’s


Safety!!! Since this is an Islam country please do respect their culture and wear a decent or proper clothing. Shorts are cool during summer but not too short specially for women. Punishments of crimes is not that simple here compared to other countries, even a little blood can cost you a lot or a simple stealing will cost you your hands or a few fingers, so people here and foreigners  really respect that and in result safety in this country is very high. Even if you leave your purse or your vehicle unattended no one will steal it.

Pork and Liquor is banned in muslim countries but if you really want to drink there are hotels which serve moderate amount of alcoholic drinks but for your safety always drink moderately and be sure to be on your two feet when you leave the hotel.


Lodging!!!  The Torch hotel is the most famous here in Doha for its unique architectural design. Doha is pack with hotels all over the country ranging from  5 stars to 2 stars hotels.The room rates varies from a minimum of 50 USD to 500 USD per night with a wide range of amenities to enjoy. Always  remember the earlier you book online the better. For the best prices and discounts check this link( ).


Food!!! Chicken machboos and whole mutton ghoozi is a must try Arabic cuisine.  At first glance they may look like an indian  biryani but its not and of course who doesn’t know shawarma, an original Arabic sandwich.I would like to recommend also the place that I’m working which is called  TAKEAWAY  (TakeAway Video)(TAKEAWAY Instagram page) and this restaurant is ISO certified and I guarantee you an Arabic experience you will surely enjoy. We have 8 branches located in different areas of Doha and we also accept deliveries.


I would like to suggest also an Arabian dinner experience  on the sand in one of the famous beaches in Qatar or a dinner on a Dhow Cruise which our Company’s Catering Department (OPERA CATERING) (OPERA CATERING PAGE)will gladly enjoy serving you. This will really make your travel more memorable and worth while whether you’re traveling as a couple or in groups. 

Mcdonalds and KFC is also worth trying, like what I’ve written in my other blogs this fast food chains change their menu depending on a country’s taste.

For us Filipinos we are proud to have a Jollibee in this country and happy to see other nationals eating what we love.





Places to go!!!   There are two kinds of Buses in Qatar, Karwa Buses are ready to transport all over the country and re loadable bus cards are available at the bus station in Souq Waqif station while MRT buses are free transports going to the MRT station or other bus stops. Taxi’s are all over the streets and bookings can be made also through their karwa mobile application.

Most tourist spots can be access with a taxi,MRT or local buses but availing Doha’s Hop On – Hop off bus can save you more time and money. They have packages that includes meals and snacks at  reasonable prices. For more details you can check this link (Hop on,Hop off Doha).

If your in a tight budget then I recommend you on availing a local sim card for internet connection and start your google maps for directions. Then avail a 24hours karwa bus card a the bus station and start at the farthest area to the nearest locaton. Now here’s my top  places that you should visit here in Qatar.


I’m only  limited to a thousand words so “shukran”  and as much as we enjoy working and living here, we hope that you too will enjoy and capture more memories in this country.



Here are some links to our Youtube channel  Doha Qatar videos:

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